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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Exciting News!

Not only is my sister coming from Hawaii, but my niece is flying in from Seattle, and one of my oldest friends (not in age, but in how long we have known each other) is driving from Oklahoma with her husband in a show of overwhelming support of me and my work! What fun we are going to have. I have not seen my friend in 20 years, my niece since she got married 3 years ago and my sister for a year. There will be some catching up to do after the dust settles. More family will be showing up during the 6 weeks of the exhibit. My brother and sister-in-laws from California and my uncle and aunt from Florida. They are coming to Colorado to take care of their grandkids, but still, how amazing is it that they will be able to see what I have been up to. Wow! is all I can say. Thank you to all my family and friends; you all make it worthwhile.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Debbie's Place, 11x14

My laptop is in the shop as it has been overheating and I have been afraid to use for more than 20" at a time; overheating to the extent the keys were hot to the touch. Perfect timing with my show quickly approaching.

Here is a painting I hesitated to post but it is one that I have been reworking. The bottom photo was from 2006 when I originally painted this piece.

The middle version was done 2 years later about the time I was trying to assimilate what I was learning in the year long master painting class I was taking. What happened in that version was that the whole painting became rather flat even if the colors improved. The photo has a yellow cast that I could not get rid of.

This past weekend I decided to work on it again and put back the sense of light. I added some greenery to the black hole on either side of the sheep shed. I worked on the back angle of the tin roof and lightened the rust (not sure that is completed yet). I fixed the drawing and shaping of the sheep;  the sheep got lightened and the dirt was darkened to sharpen the contrast. The plastic ribbons got more light and shabbiness.

Friday, August 19, 2011

The End is in Sight

Monday all the rest of my "paperwork" is due to the Littleton Museum. The invitation is already at the printers;  I must have my artist's bio, mailing list and painting price list to Lorena on Monday. From there I have 2.5 weeks until the paintings must be delivered and then one week after that is the opening, September 15, from 5-7:30 pm. Seems like a lot of work for a 1.5 hour opening, but I am sure they don't shoo everyone out at the stroke of 7:30, or maybe they do!

I have been working on one last fun painting as well as continuing to fine tune those that are in the "finished" category. This past week I got my artist's statement where I want it, and today compiled the press release. I will sit on that over the weekend and then send it out to a few publications on Monday. The newspapers will come later.

I ordered the last of the frames I need and they will be ready the weekend before the paintings are due to the museum. That was cutting it a bit close, but 5 weeks seemed like enough time. It is, but barely. Varnishing is still being held off on too many paintings as I decide whether they are really where I want them or not. I have come to believe that a painting is never finished until it sells!

 Now a prayer to the god of the stock market.