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Sunday, March 2, 2014

A Day Remembered...

Out of the Dark and into the Light, 16x10 oil on linen
This is a smaller painting that had me stymied for a number of years. I started it and then let it sit; then I would pull it out, and dabble, and then back away it went. FINALLY, since I am trying to not start too many new paintings right now and just try to salvage what I have laying around that I never finished, I think this one is now done. It looks so simple, so why the struggle? If I tell you, it might bother you too, though now it does not bother me, I don't want to plant those kinds of seeds. If you see something that niggles at you, post a comment. I will let you know. The thought behind it was to do a black and white painting, so, along the lines of dark/light pattern. This one is more local tone with the light and the mediums tying together.

We were spending Christmas in Germany that year, staying at a German farmhouse in Bavaria. We were close to Salzburg, Austria so we drove over on a Sunday to spend the day. I am not sure if it was the gluhwein we drank at the Kristkindl market that may have drained the blood out of our extremities, but it was the coldest day ever. Oh my word. The cold that gets you right through to your bones. We don't get that kind of cold here in Denver. Here is my daughter at the Salzburg castle that overlooks the city. What a view it was and a nice hike to try to warm us up.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Follow up to Auvers - travelogue

Dr Gauchet's Office
 As I mentioned on the post with my street scene from Auvers, it is a picturesque and very walkable little town. We went to Dr Gauchet's home and in the back yard was his clinic where he saw patients. There is also a lovely garden to walk around in.
Crow's in the field
 Up above the town are the fields where Vincent painted his famous Crow painting. We only saw these fake crows stuck in the fields, but  the area is still farmland.
Vincent and Theo's graves
 Vincent and his brother Theo are buried in a very unassuming graves against the wall of the cemetery. Largely overgrown as you can see here but not neglected. It is not uncommon for there to be ground cover on graves such as these. But there are some amazing gravestones and mausoleums in this cemetery which makes the simpler ones that much more restful.
Church with the Example of Vincent's painting and vantage point
 It would be hard, but not impossible to paint this church today from Vincent's vantage point. I was up against a wall with a road right there to take this photo.
The Hotel where Vincent lived was getting a face lift