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Friday, November 14, 2008

Potting Bench revisted

I had remarked on Saturday that I was going to try and finish the painting I had started on Friday on Sunday morning and the painting from the previous Sunday in the afternoon. The Iowa Street scene from Friday had totally different lighting when I drove down there so I opted to work on another piece from when I was in Evergreen a month ago. I spent the morning in my studio finishing up that piece. I will post it as a "before and after" soon.

In the afternoon, I did go out and work on finishing the Potting Bench, which as you recall, is 24" x 18" - a large painting for me. Here is where the painting is right now, and again, I see in the digital photo a few things that pop out and I will tweak.

If you go down to the entry of November 3 you can see this in its more unfinished state. My husband's comment on this painting was "it is a nice painting but I don't like the subject." I just noticed that I didn't get the hooks in that would help break up the space of the flat board in front. My intent was to do a still life with the pomegranates, which I did accomplish, and you will see that I do like to paint this particular fruit as the winter progresses and I am indoors more. These particular fruit were hand-carried by Richard from his brother's orchard in Vacaville.

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