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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Carl W. Peters

A few months ago, while on the Judson Art Outfitters website, I checked out a blog I saw as a link. The entry I happen to remember, was on a forgotten American Impressionist painter, Carl W. Peters. I was so enamored of the photo posted with the article that I ordered the book it came from (by Richard H. Love) through prospector at the Denver Public Library. The book is due back on Saturday so I was busy trying to get through as much as I could this evening. Carl was an amazing plein air painter of NY and the harbors along the upper East Coast. Here are a few images I happened to find online this evening - although not the ones I would have preferred to have found, they still show what I am trying to elucidate. I have been struggling with doing cityscapes, ie buildings, in a manner I find pleasing. He, on the other hand, does an amazing job, while making it look like child's play. Very abstract, but he builds one upon the other in unifying way that is starting to make sense to me. I am inspired to take on my French village with renewed vigor. Kevin had suggested I study Richard Diebenkorn for this painting, but I think Richard and Carl are not unlike each other in approach to this subject. And I did study the Diebenkorn book I have, but I think Carl's work pushed me that much further into understanding. Now if I can come close to what I envision will be the question.


Aloha Sistah said...

Will look forward to seeing the results.

victoriasart said...

It may be awhile. I was all charged to go to it this Saturday, but went clothes shopping with R instead and lost the momentum. (How often is he willing to even contemplate that?)I found the book online so I will review it again when it gets here to see if I can't get another shot in the arm, so to speak.