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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Washington Park Researchers

Untitled, 16"x12", oil on linen
 Here is another painting where my goal was to keep my values close to create a mood. My faithful dog and I came across this very rare scene on Grassmere lake in Washington Park. There are 2 lakes in Washington Park; the north lake, Smith Lake, once again allows boats, but the south lake, Grassmere, doesn't. I figured they were doing research of some kind. The yellow slicker was just such a wonderful beacon in the fog that I thought this would not only be a good exercise for me but would be interesting too. I have walked this park steady for over 20 years and I am intent on discovering something new whenever I go there. To try and see the park through new eyes as if it were the first time I have been there. It is working! This is the 3 painting in a row I have done now around the park. I can't tell you how many times I have gone there to paint and not found anything that drew me in - it all feeling too familiar to be of interest.


Aloha Sistah said...

This foggy scene is more reminiscent of northern Europe than of Denver. You have the keenest eye of anyone I know, except perhaps my niece, as evidenced by this composition, with the yellow slicker drawing the eye right into the painting.

victoriasart said...

I did push the fog darker, to be sure. Just like I pushed the foggy boats in France lighter!