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Friday, June 10, 2011

Mutton Buster

Mutton Buster, 18x14" oil on linen
A co-worker of mine told me of this photo she really wanted her father to paint of her son but that he was not willing to do it for her (Her father being a local artist). I told her to send the photo to me and I would take a gander at it. I decided to paint it because I liked the subject and I thought it would add to the repertoire I am building for the upcoming one person show at the Littleton Museum this fall. I did crop  the photo to make it more intimate. I did not really paint this "for" her as then the expectation would be more pressure on her to buy it and pressure on me to try and paint him as she sees him. It is a good representation of him which is just an added bonus and not only does she love it, most every one else who has seen it does too. The subject seems to be a real winner.


Aloha Sistah said...

Maybe you don't paint people as often as you should... Your people paintings always end up striking a chord, as this one clearly has.

victoriasart said...

You write the best comments, Aloha Sistah. As a matter of fact, my next to planned paintings both have figures as the central theme.