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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The White Alley or Duffy Roll Alley at 1300 S. Pearl Street

White on White final, 12x16 oil on canvas panel

White on White original, 2010
This painting was originally done with a white on white theme. I purposely went for everything tending towards white which means lighter than normal. Kevin had critiqued it saying that the whites were too much the same white and that I needed to add more color to them. Just enough to give them a yellowish or pinkish or whatever-ish tint. Along with doing that, I also strengthened the contrast as I would in a normal light and shadow painting.
I started with darkening the alley road. I decided to add the darker band  in the road to draw the eye back in to the painting; leading the eye to the slanted roof line and back to the house; next came color added to all the south facing walls, getting lighter from left to right; the shadows were then given a base color with some reflected light thrown in where needed including clarifying the shadow on the trailer (I am noticing that the shadow of the telephone pole reads a bit warm in this photo so I may need to fix that); weeds were given more color and definition to finish it off. This touch up went really fast, but I think it is much enhanced.


Aloha Sistah said...

Seeing these 2 versions brought to mind those Rice Krispies elves in a bowl singing "Snap, Crackle, Pop." The highlights (for lack of a better word) you added gave this scene so much more dimension.

Travelingrant said...

Yeah, the touched up version is much improved.

victoriasart said...

I fixed the cast shadow from the telephone pole and that helped.

Anonymous said...

I agree that the contrasts bring more definition and focus on the whites. I would like to sit here and watch the shadows change through the day. Thanks for sharing.