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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Debbie's Place, 11x14

My laptop is in the shop as it has been overheating and I have been afraid to use for more than 20" at a time; overheating to the extent the keys were hot to the touch. Perfect timing with my show quickly approaching.

Here is a painting I hesitated to post but it is one that I have been reworking. The bottom photo was from 2006 when I originally painted this piece.

The middle version was done 2 years later about the time I was trying to assimilate what I was learning in the year long master painting class I was taking. What happened in that version was that the whole painting became rather flat even if the colors improved. The photo has a yellow cast that I could not get rid of.

This past weekend I decided to work on it again and put back the sense of light. I added some greenery to the black hole on either side of the sheep shed. I worked on the back angle of the tin roof and lightened the rust (not sure that is completed yet). I fixed the drawing and shaping of the sheep;  the sheep got lightened and the dirt was darkened to sharpen the contrast. The plastic ribbons got more light and shabbiness.


Aloha Sistah said...

What surprised me was that the focal point seemed to change in each version, at least to my untrained eye.

Anonymous said...

[Offline] Bridoux Family to me

show details Aug 28 (2 days ago)

I like the crispness of the new and improved version; but I have to say that the roof is not finished yet. It lost all the beautiful texture and shades of "patina" that the old barn must have (like in version I); now it looks like painted wood instead of rusty tin. By contrast, the sheet of metal lying on the ground by the fence looks more metallic and rusty than it did in either earlier piece.
I love the outlining and shadows on the sheep and the detail in the stuff that's hanging on the front of the shed. I think you made some great improvements in lighting and coloration, particularly in the background elements. I would like to be there!

Anonymous said...

great transformation, more vivid, more light more authentic and very sharp and realistic.
we really want to come to your opening!

victoriasart said...

Aloha Sistah - you are observant and that is what counts; not training. I appreciate that you faithfully find something to say.
The roof will get some attention and it better be soon if it wants to hang in the show!