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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Equalization: Laundry Day

Laundry Day, 30x30, Oil on linen

I was surprised how much I liked Venice and now wish we had stayed at least one more day there. The alleyways and laundry strung everywhere touched a chord with me. I am one of the rare Americans  who still hangs my laundry up; and yes, even in winter. It was heartening for me so to see how normal it still is in some places and Venice does not have the sun and dryness going for it like Colorado does. Anyway, this was a fun piece and I hope it is only the beginning of a new series. I am already wanting to go back as I did not really get a chance to explore this unique city as much as I would have liked. I left this painting hanging at work when I left on Friday, so I cannot finish it this weekend as planned. Just a few things still needed. Can you see how this would fall into equalization as a visual approach too? With all the repetitions of windows and clothes lines and the bridge? What fun!

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