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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Finished Staircase at the Jardin des Plantes -Name that Painting Opportunity

Still No Name, 24x30, oil on panel
Here is the end product for now. From the last post, I did a lot of tidying up. I started with making the blocks of granite on the shadow side of the staircase darker. I thought that would help contrast with the light. Then I started putting more details into the different plants so that they would be overall more distinct one from the other and also, if you are a gardener, at least you might be able to guess the family. Some plants are more identifiable then others. Since the red begonias are almost dead center and also so very red, I spent some time on that pot. I really wanted the textures to come out so that spindly fine leaves would contrast with thicker leaves and so that you could tell if they were a succulent or not. On the wall in the sun, I toned down the light hitting there so that the wall would not compete with the light on the staircase. I also added more tendrils and the expired plants leaning into the wall area. I am going to let it sit for awhile to see if there is anything more to be done.
If any of you have any bright ideas for a name for this painting, I am open to suggestions. Thanks!

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victoriasart said...

We have a name! "l'esprit d'escalier" I love double entendre's. thank you Jim