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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Auvers sur l'Oise street scene

Auvers Street Scene, 24x24, oil on board
Here is a painting you may have seen before. I posted it this past winter. I determined that it was not really where I wanted it to be after all. Something was not quite reading as I wanted it to; That what drew me to paint the scene in the first place was not quite reflected in the painting. Back to the easel it went! A few changes to note: I redid the tiles of the roof, downplaying them. Then I pulled out the stones and the varied patterns in the different buildings to create interest and directional paths for the eye. I have learned not to say a painting is finished until it is actually sold and out of my hands, so though I am pleased with this piece now, it is not the same as saying it is "finished."

Just a reminder that this is the town where Vincent Van Gogh lived and was under the care of Dr. Gachet when he was tragically killed. It is a village built on a hillside and the field where Vincent painted the famous crow painting sits above the town on the plateau.

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