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Monday, January 11, 2016

Another repurposed painting-Wynetka Farm

Block in for Wynetka Farm, 12x9 oil
I saw a friend of mine was painting this image. I was taken by the simple shapes and the obvious light and shadow on the white house with red roofs so I asked her if she would mind sharing it with mes as I would like to paint it too. She was willing. Wasn't that nice of her? She is painting it in a much larger format. I just wanted to do a small sketch. I did this initial quick sketch in an hour or so, using the Douglas County plein air painting below as the substrate. That is what I consider a failed attempt at abstracting the landscape. My husband came in after I put this up to look at it and said how much he liked it! Then I didn't want to touch it again for awhile. Don't mess with success right?
Wynekta Farm, oil
But this weekend I decided to finish it and not be distracted by a positive comment. I did try to leave some of the original painting coming through but not so much that it was overly distracting. You can see some of the rhythms still showing through. I quite like the finished product for a small diversion from the bigger pieces I have been doing recently. Feels good to feel finished without spending months on it.
Underpainting, Douglas County Plein air from 2009

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