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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Museum Exit

Museum Exit, 24x18, oil on panel
I saw this scene as I was walking out of the National Museum of Ireland. I immediately thought it was an abstract painting with all the colors and repeating shapes. And the buildings were catawampas on top of it. I had gone to the National Museum to see the 'bog' people. There is so much in this museum it is a shame I was already on overload and so really did just go to see what I wanted to see. The floors were beautiful mosaics and I had to walk past all the Celtic gold jewelry to get to where I wanted to go. The gold work looked amazing as I glanced at the display cases. I had already been to the National Gallery of Ireland to see art for a few hours, which I enjoyed very much. The two museums are very close which is why I headed over to the National Museum while I was in that part of Dublin. I had walked over from where I was staying which was across the river.

In this painting I was trying to get movement through color. There is the yellow that creates the most obvious movement; followed by the reds and then the blues. The image provided a good start to this structure as is, but I did force a few color notes as well. While working on this one I kept toying with making it much more abstracted in a Diebenkorn approach. Now that I have this one done I am thinking of doing it again, same size, with that more flattened, layered color block approach. Not sure if the figures would be included; that is still to be determined.

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