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Friday, June 19, 2009

Alliums Revisited

The painting on this blog entry was done weeks ago. I took this in to be critiqued Saturday June 4. This are typical of the problem I cannot seem to break while painting “plein air.” I paint the light too light and the mediums and darks are not as separate as they need to be. I have started to rework the Alliums; starting with the darks; I will then darken the medium of the dirt to make the light of the Alliums stalks stand out more. They compete for attention right now. From there I will see what if anything further needs to be done. As of today, I have gotten no further on this painting. I lost interest-for now. There were Coral Bells in bloom (rosy red) in front of the allium which I chose not to put in. Now I am wondering if I should add them to break up the foreground and all the green. Amazingly enough, because of the weather so far this spring, the Coral Bells are still in bloom all these weeks later.

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