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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Last weekend of the GTMD paintout

Friday morning I went back down to Urban Roots and painted again. This one is called "Urban Tranquility" and the one I did a week previous is called "Urban Serenity." They both are 9"x12" and both took me about 2 hours.
I also went out Sunday afternoon to meet Cynthia; I painted looking up Delaware Street. I had hoped to get out yesterday to finish it up but it was so cold, wet and miserable. Not at all the sunny, warm, clear conditions of Sunday. The event officially ends for painting on Thurday, so there may still be an opportunity for me to finish it up. I think it is a good start and worth it. All images need to be turned in for jurying by Sept. 30. Last year I had 5 paintings, submitted 4 and had 3 accepted into the show. This year I have 3.5 paintings; not sure how many I will submit. 2 for sure. I think the two buddha paintings are good and will make a nice change from all the urban buildings and street scenes.


Elizabeth said...

Wish I were going to be here to see the show.

Aloha Sistah said...

Me too. Can we Skype in? (Oprah does it!)

victoriasart said...

Oprah has a few more resources at her disposal than I do. I will talk to my technology advisor to see what he says.