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Friday, January 1, 2010

Piqued my interest

Today I did take brush in hand to paint our new kitchen, something that was not in the contract for our remodel. Not that there is much wall left, but there was plenty to keep two of us busy for 3-4 hours each. There is still some more to be done, but now the walls look fresh to match everything else, and we were both done for the day. And we start the new year fresh.

I found an interesting description in the Denver Post last weekend. It was an article about a new and upcoming artist who is considered a rising star on the Denver Art scene - Emerging Artist of the Year: "solo exhibition of paintings at Rule Gallery that exuded an alluring sense of emotional detachment and mystery."

I don't find emotional detachment alluring. In a previous article earlier in the year on the exhibit itself, this young artist was likened to Edward Hopper. I have been thinking about this wording all week trying to put my finger on why it bothers me so; I know the critic was seeing it as a positive. I just don't see it as a positive. Why would emotional detachment be alluring? Why would you be emotionally detached from life when life draws us to be more alive? And why was the word "alluring" used? If you use the words exuded and alluring, that would indicate an emotional attachment, would it not?

I wrote this on January one, and it is now January16. This whole question still is swimming around in my wee brain; is it because I equate this reviewers choice of words to be indicative of a larger piece that is going on in our culture and in our world that I find it so disturbing?

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