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Monday, April 12, 2010

Business of Art part 2

It has been awhile since I have had to put on an art opening - almost 4 years. The mind is amazing in how it will block certain memories. It feels like I have never done an opening before and I had definitely forgotten how much work it takes. This weekend I finalized the press release and got it sent to two publications that have a minimum of 3 weeks prior to the event to submit. Friday afternoon, in my rush to get my files uploaded for the postcard inviation, I blew it in so many ways. First, I forgot to compress the file and then I sent them the wrong image format, even though I had prepped a copy correctly. I tried to contact the company to "fix" my errors, but no reply. I expect I will try again this morning. I had put my mailing list in a database program after my last opening but have yet to try to print labels from it - this is an adventure I have been putting off, and luckily, since I won't have the postcards for awhile, can put off a little longer. Next I will need to create an email inviation. I was able to make progress on one of the paintings I want to have at the opening this weekend, so I am starting to feel a little better about it all. Friday, I was a basket case.

The opening will be in conjunction with Old South Pearl Street First Friday Art Walk on May 7. I will be highlighted at Bell Studio and Gallery, 1573 South Pearl Street, Denver CO 80210. The Art Walk hours are 4 -8 p.m. and I will also be at the gallery all day on Saturday, 11 a.m. - 5 p.m. I have a one month contract with Bell Studio and Gallery to see if I can manage working there one day a week as well as my "day" job and still get some painting in while not neglecting my family. It will be a juggling act, to be sure. I have yet to talk to my supervisor about this arrangement, so the feasability is still very tenuous.

I do like the fact that Bell Studio and Gallery is so close to my home, and that it is a neighborhood business. I am planning on making the opening exhibit a "local" show, with paintings from the neighborhood and the metro area. Maybe one or two paintings from France. I have limited space so I must be judicious in my choices. Any volunteers to keep me on the right track? We all know how hard it is for an artist to know what works of their own to highlight.


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