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Monday, May 24, 2010

Windows to the Divine Collectors' Salon

In the image above, Kevin blocked in and Quang has lent definition to the two flowers on the right.
Here Quang is adding definition and atmosphere to a few more flowers.
Kevin is carving out the stems in the glass vase.
Saturday May 22 a friend called me up to see if I per chance could use a ticket to go to the Collectors' Salon being held that afternoon at the Evergreen Fine Arts gallery. Windows to the Divine is presented by the Colorado Dominican Vocation Foundation, and this event was being held in conjunction with Kevin Weckbach's opening that evening in the gallery. There was quite a program but the highlight of the afternoon was called "Dueling Paintbrushes" wherein Kevin and Quang Ho were going to jointly paint a still life which would then be auctioned off. All proceeds from the event went to the Foundation.
Here are a few photos of the painting in process. Kevin started the block in, then Quang took over for awhile and so on and so forth. As Quang described it, Kevin does the graphic look and he does the "atmospheric" look. I did not stay until the end so this is as far as I have the progression. Maybe someone who was there and sees this entry can tell us all who bid the highest to get this painting and how much it went for.
It was a challenge for them both as Kevin is about a foot taller than Quang so their perspective on the still life was very different. Quang looking directly at it and Kevin looking down on it. All things considered, they did seem to have fun.

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