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Monday, June 14, 2010

Sunday June 13, 2010 Summer Art Market

Sunday was much quieter at the ASLD Summer Art Market (SAM). The weather cooperated in that it stopped raining while we unloaded in the morning, AND we found convenient parking relatively easily. It then proceeded to rain steadily with some efforts towards downpour all morning. The traffic did pick up about lunch time and the sun came out for a short while; enough to get the ground to dry up and the river running through the back of our tent went down to a trickle. It did cloud back up, but the rain did not start back up until we had everything loaded into the car at the end of the day. So all in all, the weather did cooperate to the degree that I did not suffer any damage. I did have a bit better day financially on Sunday, although I only brought in a quarter of what I have brought in in the past. There were some people who did not even garner a sale, and those that did very well.. My friend, Pat, who had the tent directly across for us, did very well. 

Above is my side of the tent in the deep dark corner. The pumpkin sold yesterday.
This is Drew's wall. I cut off the last row of paintings hanging at the entrance.

I had more positive feedback from people in the Denver art world, so again, that was worth so much to me. An old friend, Eddie, not only complimented me but gave me excellent, concrete feedback as to why the alley was so much better than anything else I had up which is exactly what I needed to hear. I will have to write what he said in another blog post with the photo of the alley (again) so that it makes sense.


Jeanne Echternach said...

I have to agree with the others. Your back alley piece is a masterfully done painting. It deserves a more beautiful venue to hang, and I feel confident that it will find a good home.

How's your most recent alley painting coming along?

victoriasart said...

Jeanne, the 3rd studio alley painting is coming along nicely. I am looking forward to working on it this weekend. I may post a photo of it Friday before I start back into it with comments on where I would like it to go. The bar has been raised!