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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Starting Anew

Alley Reflection block in, 36x24
Prairie Glow block in, 18x36
Saturday found me ready to start some new paintings now that the stress of trying to have everything ready for the show is over. I looked around at what size canvas I had ready to go and decided to go large. I got both of these blocked in and Sunday found me back at my easel painting. It is amazing how blocking in basic big shapes can get a piece pulled together in short order. At this point I know the prairie piece does not look very exciting but I do have some fun things in store for it. I decided to start with this one as I want a whole weekend ahead of me to get into the Alley piece. That one has me excited. One would think I would be done with alleys by now, but it is not to be. I haven't moved much out of my neighborhood. So many treasures yet to be uncovered!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for showing these. I wondered how you could get all the details into your pieces and I can see that these have those in place, too! Cool!!