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Monday, October 29, 2012

Recap of Museums Visited-Louvre

Most people are thrilled to go to the Louvre, but I, stubborn as I am, was not really enthused. I have been many times, and though have seen a very small section of the Louvre, would still rather do something else if I had my druthers. My traveling companion however, was hellbent on seeing the Mona Lisa, and it being a wet, miserable day, I said okay to going. We waited 30" in the rain to get inside and then another 20" to get a ticket. I then waited while she went to see Leonardo's painting. I drew the line at fighting the crowds there! While she was doing that I looked at the map of the different wings and opted to go to see the Flemish section. My photos may not be the best but I took some photos of the pieces that struck my fancy, including of course, those that are more easily recognizable.
Repentant St Peter, 1651, Gerard Seghers
I really loved this painting. It had such depth to it and fit into the dark/light pattern we are covering this month in the Advanced Master Painting class.

The Lacemaker, 1669, Johann Vermeer
My photo of The Astronomer did not turn out very well. The two Vermeers were on one wall together.

The Young Artist, 1673, Jan Lievens

Woman Preparing Legumes, 1684, Pieter de Hooch
(there were a number of paintings by Pieter I liked, but this one was my favorite.)

Young painter in the Atelier, 1673, Barent Fabritius
There were a number of Rembrandt's,both portraits and self-portraits. I enjoyed my sojourn in the 17th century very much. My companion wrote postcards under the Vermeer paintings while I took in the rest of Flemish artists. We then watched "Girl with the Pearl Earring" on our flight over the Atlantic to finish our trip.
As evidenced in the photo above and in the others I took, "The Lacemaker" got all the attention It was as if "the Astronomer" did not exist! Such a shame.

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