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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Equalization End Product

Racked, 20x30, oil on linen
This month I worked on two projects; one in class and one in my studio. As is my tendency, I kept the class project simple allowing for the distractions associated with being around that many people in a rather small space. In the studio I chose a more complex subject and one I wanted to tackle anyway; I see it as a start of a new series. Both paintings are from my recent trip to Italy.

The class project is of racked sea kayaks which were on the beach in the town of Pesaro on the Adriatic. I liked the simple symmetry of this scene and the way the red and orange kayaks dominate all the blues. Then to have the yellow bands break up the verticals against the horizontal kayaks.

Pesaro is normally a vacation hot spot but we were there off season and found a hotel open right off the beach. It was a wonderful place to unwind after the tourist crowds of Paris and Venice. The water was warm and only a light jacket was needed.
looking south along the beach-the hill is a nature preserve
Built into the sidewalk stones: documents and photos from the deportation of Italian Jews

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