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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Documented Changes in the Neighborhood

THEN: White on White Alley, 12x16, oil on board
I painted this alley on a sunny day in October 2010. The location is the alley behind Duffyroll on Louisiana and South Pearl Street in Denver. As you can see, it was a beautiful clear sunny day. Driving past this location the other day - it is all gone! The only thing left standing is the flat building in the background. Here is a photo of what is now a lot. I asked at a nearby business if they knew what was going in here and I was told a 30 unit apartment complex. In an already high density area where parking is nigh impossible. Good Move. But Heck, can't stand in the way of progress!
NOW: empty lot-soon to be apartments

It has been amazing to me (and not sure why) that ever since I started focusing on finding new and exciting things to paint in my own backyard so to speak, it has turned into a documentary of the changes that have gone on in our neighborhood (Platte Park) since. Most of the alleys that I have chosen to paint have gone under enough new construction or privacy fencing that they no longer provide the visual interest that they once did. I will write more posts on this to show you all just how fast the area you live in can change without too much notice. Since I am paying such close attention now it is very noticeable.

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Travelingrant said...

That is fascinating! Its true that areas change faster than we always notice.