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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Moonshine explosion in the alley

I went out early yesterday morning to see if the yarrow that is planted next to our garage in the alley was still looking good enough to paint. The photo below shows the yarrow as they were when I did a quick sketch of them last week. Today, they had been beaten down by the rains of the past few days... and that was before the downpour we got yesterday evening. Three inches or so of rain!
I have grown to love this plant, but I cannot tell you how hard I have tried to remove it from my yard, and I finally gave up. I am glad I did as it now just brings joy to my heart and it makes such a lovely fan to brighten up the alley.

And then I turned around and saw the black raspberries behind me up against our neighbors garage. I ended up picking 3 cups or more of berries. I just recently found out that most raspberry ice cream is made from black raspberries as they have more concentrated flavor. I did my best to inspire my husband to make a batch of ice cream, but he did not take me up on it... This patch of berries planted itself a number of years ago but this is the first year we have had enough to really harvest at any one time. The plant has beautiful baby blue stems but the thorns are know to grab and then hold on to you. I love the way you can see how the berries ripen. From new baby, peach colored, to rosy red, dark red and then black and ready to pick, all on one little cluster. Isn't nature marvelous?
Right next to the black raspberries, there is another beauty that planted  itself. I have not planted sunflowers in years, but we still manage to have them come up and as long as they are out of the garden area, we leave them for the birds and the bees.

On my way back into the house I had to marvel at how large my Anna Belle Hydrangea has grown. I bought this in a one gallon pot many moons ago, and I remember the first year I got 3 flowers, and then the next year, 6, and so on. Sometimes the flower heads on this plant can be the size of a hat, and we have been known to model them! Every year brings fresh surprises in the garden.
 Below is a painting I did a few years ago of this bush. Painted at high noon standing in the shade of our lilacs. Another painting I have been wanting to do. Where does the time go?
Writing this post has made me think I should do a blog with all the paintings I have done just on this little plot in central Denver. Let me know your thoughts.

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