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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Brothers on the Beach-Sea of Japan

oil on panel, 18x24
Here is a painting in need of a good title. I am calling it "Brothers" for now, but if anyone has a better idea that comes to mind, please let me know! I am always open to suggestions.

This visual approach is light and shadow. This painting still maintains the strength of a local tone in that there are three main grouping of values: light, medium and dark. I was drawn to this scene for a number of reasons. One was the brothers working together so intently. The other was that it was just a good composition and then them being just kids no matter what the nationality.

I have had this photo reference for a number of years, but that is what is great about timeless subjects. I was visiting my son in Kanazawa, Japan, which is a port city on the west coast of Japan. We had gone to this beach to see a kite or hang glider competition but we had the wrong day. What is not to like about a day on the beach, windy or not.

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