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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Studio Interior with Library Chair

Interior with Library Chair, 30x20, oil on linen
This scene from my studio I painted from life a few years ago and always wanted to revisit. I recently came across the old painting and decided the time was now. This is not painted on top of the original which I often do but a fresh start. I did not set this scene up as a still life. I just happened to see that the tableau worked as it was. That chair was a catch all when I had it there by the door. I set my hat there when I came in from painting outdoors.

In the bookcase are mostly art books and art magazines; the books include: "Modern Painting,"  "The Art of Richard Diebenkorn," "Carl W. Peters" and a John Grisham novel! That bright green adds a nice discordant note, don't you think?

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