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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Squaring the Circle or Ordered Chaos?

24x24, oil on Canvas
Unusual for me...I have two good names for this painting. "Squaring the Circle" or "Ordered Chaos." I see value in both darn it. "Ordered Chaos" came out of the block in. "Squaring the Circle" came up upon completion.
This piece was painted with equalization in mind. Lots of repeated patterns and despite all the squares and rectangles it does circle through the square...I thought this painting would test my abilities but it was amazingly fun to paint and despite my best efforts to tone down the colors, I kept coming back to the rich bright colors you see here. Happy Happy Happy!


Travelingrant said...

I love the colors, the painting is so rich and vibrant. Both titles are fun, though I feel like there may be a third title somewhere, that is even better. I may have to think on it.

victoriasart said...

My cousin, Barbara, came up with Villas Colores.

Anonymous said...

Both titles fit, though I definitely prefer the first. Looking at the painting (which reminded me of Rio, and a bit of Valparaiso) and thinking of your titles suggested two more possibilities --- Parallel Universals, and Architecture Garden. I like the first of those best as well, but it may not be lighthearted enough. Cheers, Jim.

Anonymous said...

I like it!!! CLC