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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Berthoud Pass 2

Summer Drive, 12x16, oil on linen panel; available
In an effort to please one of the galleries I show in, I am endeavoring to paint more Colorado landscapes. They aren’t “making” me, but it was suggested. So, to please them and please myself, I am doing a few road trip paintings. It started with “Lonesome Highway” before Christmas for the show that was a tribute to the Stock show, but then I didn’t get to them in time. Then I did the “Heading down the Pass” that I started with the 30 paintings in 30 days challenge and finished last month. Here is another “heading down the pass” but of course I can’t use that title again. It turns out I have taken a few photos heading down this particular pass. None going up or down the other side. It is always going down towards I-70. I believe this is Engelmann’s Peak looking straight ahead, but please correct me if I am wrong anyone who might know.

This is a light and shadow painting, but mostly painted in local tone. The scene is top lit. I was trying to create movement with the road leading you around the bend and up and across the ridge and back down again. Zig zagging in other words.

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