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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Lazy River, Floating on the Yampa

Lazy River, 24x18, oil on paper, available
Here is one hot off the easel. It is from a rafting trip I took 10 years ago with some friends of mine. You can almost sense the wonder and silence of the scene. This painting is a bit out of my normal realm of subject. I turned my head to Colorado this year and what makes this state so special.

In the spirit of this painting, I am also working on a second piece from another trip down the Yampa that is quite a bit larger than this one so that the majesty of Tiger Wall is shown in perspective to a 2 man raft. The raft in the next painting is tiny, less than an inch. You will have to look for it. Stay tuned!

The rafting trips I went on were with a friend from work. He and his friend were the trip organizers and then a bunch of others would be invited to go along too. I went three times and each time I went, I was on the barge raft. It was the big slow boat that carried the food and much of the extra things like tables, cook stove etc. I had a high perch as I sat on the food locker - really I had a seat, but the food locker was under the seat. My companion was one of the organizers, not my friend from work but his good buddy. One trip we had his 11 year old daughter with us. We had lots of quiet time but also many philosophical discussions as well. He taught me how to read a river map and I was able to find where we were by reading the map. One time I had to get in the river and get the boat unstuck while he worked the oars. I felt more confident doing the outside work rather than manning the oars. It was in a calm and rather low spot so I was in water only to my waist. In this particular photo the front boat has two ex-marines and their wives.


Anonymous said...

your rendition of this breathtaking scene is inspiring. though not your first inclination, your choice of subject matter clearly comes from your soul and reflects your love of the grand design. you captured the mysterious depths of this sculpture as well as the glory of the light that accents it. viewing it and sharing your great memory of this scene makes it a completely fulfilling statement. it certainly makes me want to discover more of Colorado's wonders. very nice LNB

victoriasart said...

Thanks again for a thoughtful commentary. I appreciate your glowing comments on this piece. It is not my forte to be sure to paint grand landscapes but I believe that an artist should be able to paint any subject. I do like to venture afield of my typical genre's for that reason. Mix things up a bit. It is funny or ironic that if you had asked me in 2010 what I painted I would have said I was a landscape painter. That was due to my involvement in plein air. Not a year later I had switched to cityscapes! Colorado is a beautiful state and as I ponder moving away from it, I have felt compelled to paint it more often. I almost finished with a larger rafting painting so stay tuned. I have missed your comments so welcome back!