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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Critique of The Crit

critique of The Crit painting
Here is a photo from last week's working critique. Kevin is critiquing my painting that I am doing of him critiquing another artist's painting. My painting of The Critique is not done in this photo with Kevin holding it.
As I was working from the outside in on this painting, Steph's painting just blocked in. 'The Critique' is done as dark/light pattern where I wanted a strong sense of light versus dark. Even at the angle it is being held at here you can sense that strong structure of what is in the light group and what is in the dark group. When you squint, the mediums marry themselves to one or the other.
Below is the painting on my easel this weekend as I continue to build on it. The structure is there so it is a matter of  time before it is completed.

The Critique, 30x24, oil on linen panel
The reason I like this particular subject is because of the repetitious shapes that the dark values carve out. The lines in the painting he is holding repeat shapes in the background and also help lead the eye around the whole painting. This particular composition has repetitions of rectangles as well as triangles. The viewer is taken in by the direction of the two figures looking at the painting.

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