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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Orange in the mode of Rembrandt, 6x6

Orange, 6x6, oil on panel, Bid Now!
Here is a little study where I was thinking again of Rembrandt and how he turned his portraits gently from the dark background into the light. It is only an orange but it still was a good way to learn about the transition on a round object. I did not paint this study in a darkened room with a spotlight on the orange. It was in daylight in my studio on a painted black table. In my minds eye I worked the dark red to be close to the dark background and slowly brought it into the light. It was an odd orange with ridges and nodules which is why I picked it. It gave some interest to otherwise very smooth surface. Plus it had that great stem still on it. Not sure how I found this little gem as it isn't what you normally find in the grocery store.

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