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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Highway 101

I found out recently that my father-in-law, Bob Ekelund, had been refusing food and drink. I had already been thinking of doing this painting in remembrance of all the times we drove to the ranch in Hopland, California from either the airport or from my brother-in-laws home
Fall Colors in Northern California vineyards. 20x16, oil on panel

I found out yesterday afternoon (Tuesday) that he had passed away peacefully. It is only fitting that I post this painting now in remembrance for Bob and all the wonderful memories shared in his home.

This image is from the last trip we took for Thanksgiving 2006 on the ranch. We were driving up Hwy 101 somewhere between Geyserville and Cloverdale. It is such a beautiful drive.

This painting practically painted itself. It doesn't happen as often as I would like, this phenomenon of a painting painting itself but when it does, it is a joy. Fast and easy and no struggles! It is what is called a 'Z' composition, where the viewer zig-zags thru the picture.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful picture - I love it! And what a great remembrance signifying his life and yours.CLC

Anonymous said...

My sympathies go to both you and Richard. The live scene must have been spectacular. I remember when you were trying to convince Richard to visit his parents after a long separation. So glad you were successful. Making those memories is what it's all about. MoonDance.

victoriasart said...

My two stalwarts. I thank you both for your continued support. Both in life and in my art. Love you!

Anonymous said...

what a lovely tribute. the contrasts in color and shading do make the eyes dance! It lifts the spirit with its optimism. God bless this family with eyes to see His wonderful works. LNB

victoriasart said...

LNB, Wow! So happy that the color and shading make the eyes dance. Can't get a better compliment. Thank you.