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Monday, January 18, 2016

Marsh Wren

Marsh Wren, 8x10, oil on panel, available
Last month I thought I might participate in the 30 paintings in 30 days again this January. With that in mind I went online to morguefile to look for some interesting but not too involved royalty free photos. I had heard about this website but this was my first visit. I pulled a bunch off to be ready but then decided against doing the 30 day challenge. BUT that doesn't mean I won't play around with what I found or go back to visit again when I get tired of my own morgue file.

I liked this image for the little birds intensity and to play with keeping the background loose and somewhat abstracted. The block in was fast and fun and then I would add detail to the bird from time to time over the past few weeks. I did this painting with the thought of donating to a raffle for the Governor's show. They asked participating artists to consider donating a painting but that doesn't mean what you offer will be accepted for the raffle.

I am enjoying doing these smaller pieces while working on the bigger paintings; it helps break up the monotony and keeps things fresh. And then there is that feeling of accomplishment, too.

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