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Friday, January 9, 2009

December's Class

December 6, 2008: Today was the first Saturday class (Kevin Weckbach) I have attended since the first of October. Our assignment is to sketch, using line only, shapes and gradation of shapes. We will turn our sketches into paintings in January. We are supposed to do as many sketches as possible, but I want to use my Seattle sketch for this assignment. I do not feel I am a strong cityscape painter in that I get hung up on too much detail. I am hoping to gain from this exercise the ability to see what is important and sugget the rest. Kevin gave me great feedback today on my new sketch for this homework, so I am hoping I can carry it forward. I was going to try for a 2' x 4' board, but I am now thinking if scaling it back to a more manageable size.

January 9: I opted to do this painting on a 15"x30" canvas. To the left is the block in for the painting. I took it to class last Saturday and it met with Kevin's approval. He gave me some suggestions on where to go from here. Study Vulliard and Bonnard for patterns and textures for the buildings; to make the building block on the left darker in value and to be sure I put in the buildings in the top "sky" that I have barely hinted at here, to break up the square into a rectangle (which is in my sketch). The assignment is due the end of this month.

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