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Friday, October 28, 2011

Day 6 and 9 combined

Day 6, 6x4, Thread oil on linen

Day 9, 6x4, Vernia's Thread, oil on linen
I did Day 6 in 15" and decided after looking at it for a few days that I wanted to make a painting out of it. I tried a new set-up for it. The first one I had the spool sitting on a canvas board with my MAC laptop showing silver in the top corner. I pulled out a dish towel for the second, upgraded version. I tried to paint the "finished" spool of thread in 15" but I did go over that time. Still, I don't really want 365 rough sketches laying around the house so I may do more of these duplicate studies as I go along. I have never done thread spools before but I may look into doing a few more. I have more wooden spools to play with but I did like the large size of this one and the nice slope to it. I found this when my elderly neighbors belongings were being boxed up and given to ARC. I was told to take what I wanted and I saw this spool sitting on top of a box of sewing sundry items with the needle in place. Perfect little model for a quick study. I also found an iron from the 1930's I think. It will also be put in the role of a model.


Anonymous said...

You are doing so well with this study. Wood has such rich texture and plays with light so wonderfully; already you have captured much of the quality of the wood in these sketches. I love how you emphasize the contrast between it and the brightness of the needle. As you develop the character in this line, you should have some amazing prints, very appealing. Thanks for sharing.

victoriasart said...

You are welcome! Who would have thought to paint thread spools? Not me.