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Monday, October 10, 2011

Reflected Alley Work in Progress

Reflected Alley, 36x24, oil painting in progress
"The real jolt comes...because the viewer becomes lost in the sheer beauty of it. The painting gives a person an experience of the eternal." I read this last night in a novel I am reading and it so captured how I think about my work. To capture the eternal...Wow!

I worked on this painting this weekend. Made progress and it is heading in the right direction. I have not yet been  able to jump back into painting with gusto, but the passion is still there when I do stand at my easel. The building blocks are coming together (ie the big shapes are all there now and I am starting to work on breaking them down into smaller shapes which will then reveal themselves as "details.") I like the freshness showing already in this painting of how it looks after a spring rain when the sun comes out. Glorious!

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Anonymous said...

this is a lovely, vibrant view. I do love the reflections, both in the water and in the clouds. Keep at it, you are certainly well on track.