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Friday, March 23, 2012

Cattle Crossing

Cattle Crossing Work in Progress, 12x24, oil on board
Last weekend I started two paintings simultaneously. Neither of them was I able to complete. This one is along the same vein as the painting I posted last week of the cattle in the field. These are both from the same trip to Wyoming, but this one is on the way to Sarasota Springs, so north of Walden, CO. I think the block-in went pretty well, although don't look too closely at the cattle's feet. Talk about a puzzle to work through. I want to keep them as a teeming mass so don't plan on pulling out too much detail. I want the focus to be the main cowboy and his dog.There is another cattle dog that will be at the tail end (literally) of the second cowboy. This has been a nice change from alleys.

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