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Monday, May 7, 2012

Upper Bear Creek revisted

Upper Bear Creek Meadow, last week, 2012

Upper Bear Creek, first revisited, 2010
Upper Bear Creek Meadow, Original 9x12 2008
This painting has been hanging in our home for awhile and it has been bothering me enough that I finally took it down last weekend. Time to try again. In the bottom photo is the original as painted plein air. The expressive brushstrokes I like but the meadow does not read as a meadow. It is a jumble. The bushes look like I don't know what. I do like the trees on the left but that is about all. I like the blue of the mountains but I don't think they are pushed back enough into the distance.

In the middle version, I can't remember what I was thinking but I can see that I added more color to the meadow and the brush of the bushes but did not necessarily make anything better. I don't like the mountains being purple or the added color in the grasses because it still is not reading as a flat meadow with variations of grasses in it.

Last week, I did have a plan to flatten the meadow, push the mountains back, clean up the bushes, and then I added the deer yesterday. I did not reference the original photo of the painting, but I came back to more of the colors and feel intuitively. The large bush on the right has always bothered me, and so I have put the painting back up yesterday to see how it reads now.

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