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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Recap of Museums Visited - L'Orangerie

My first try at a Panorama, outside L'Orangerie
No photos allowed in the L'Orangerie. There was a special exhibit of Chaim Soutine, Order out of Chaos, who was the main reason I wanted to go back to this museum, so I was pleased to see it. Most people go to L'Orangerie, on the other side of the Tuileries from the Louvre, to see the water lily paintings by Monet, which take up the whole main floor. They are impressive in the shear size of them but I prefer the galleries downstairs.
The essence of the personality that Soutine captures in his portraits is really something.
The Room Service Waiter, Chaim Soutine

The Choir Boy, Chaim Soutine
I also enjoyed the Modigliani portraits. I saw one of his sculptures at the Guggenheim in Venice-one of the better pieces housed in that museum.
Paul Guillaume, Amadeo Modigliani

The Young Apprentice, Amadeo Modigliani
There was this little gem by Monet downstairs (little being relative to the water lilies upstairs):
Argenteuil, Claude Monet

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