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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Month 1, Finished Abstraction

Champa, 30x20, oil on linen
Week 3 had this to say at the final critique. I done good. It reads as buildings, but not literally. Good balance, great color and use of texture and paint quality. He was amazed I used so many colors and pulled it off. Kevin was pleased. After the second week of struggle, I took it home, figured out where I wanted to go with it and pretty much finished it on Saturday. He had one recommendation for me when he saw it Monday  which took me all of 5 seconds to do since I still had the color mixed on my palette and that was to put the beige line back in between the green and blue shapes at the bottom right. He said I had lost it between the two green shapes and it needed that line to be more defined. How funny that me, the one who loves line and sharp edges got in trouble for not having a sharp enough definition.

I want to include two of my favorite paintings from the class. I think they are both wonderful. My friend Jeannie did the top one and Karen did the bottom one.

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