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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Coming up to Tiger Wall

Another new one off the easel recently is from a trip I took on the Yampa River a few years ago. It is a larger format for me. I wanted to show the grandeur of Tiger Wall, a monument we all love to kiss as we float by. You can see the size of the wall by the tiny two man raft floating towards it. The raft is hard to see in this size of an image, I grant you that!
 Approaching Tiger Wall, 40x30, oil on canvas - available

I am going to post this now as for whatever reason, this blog is going cattywampus on me. I wrote a post before this on a completely different topic and gave up after two days of trying. I don't like getting frustrated by trying to write a post because this application doesn't want to cooperate. I may have to look for another option for my blog.  I take no credit for however it ends up looking as nothing I do to adjust the format is working lately.

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