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Friday, September 25, 2015

Critique Study

The Critique, study for, 12x9, oil on Panel, available
Here is a study I did for a larger piece I am now working on. It is a "dark/light" pattern that I have spoken of before. If you squint your eyes you will see that every shape is either a part of the dark shape or a part of the overall light shape. I am staying away from medium values to create this pattern. The only medium here is really the light on the sweat shirt of the figure on the left which I will darken down in the larger painting. In this study it is tied to the darks but not quite enough so.

The head of Kevin transitions from the light into the dark pattern, as does his arm. Against the light background his arm groups itself with the dark pattern, but against his shirt and the painting he is holding his hand transitions to the light group. I love working with dark/light pattern. If done well, the painting is so much more interesting to me.

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