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Monday, October 6, 2008

Lair of the Bear

Saturday the group from Kevin Weckbach's Saturday informal class met at Lair of the Bear, a Jefferson County Park in the foothills. The assignment was to do a value sketch and then add color notes of the important colors. From the sketch and the color notes we are to do a finished painting for the next class, which is the last Saturday of the month. I opted to do a painting since I love fall, the weather was perfect, ie a gray day with no sun coming in and out of the clouds and it was not too cold, nor too hot, not too windy. What caught my attention to this scene were the colors and textures. It was great to have Kevin's input on my painting and he was right on, as usual. This painting is 8" x 10". I am still not crazy about the dead willows at the top of the painting, even though I included them because I liked them so much. Seeing the photos on the web really helps to clarify for me what, if anything needs to be done to a painting. This is one of those paintings that looks better in person - I can't seem to get a good photo of it, yet.

A woman came by and not only commented (I was right off a trail, so I had lots of people commenting) but kept repeating how much she loved the painting, lingering and not wanting to leave - I know I should have jumped at the chance to tell her it was for sale or give her my card, or something - none of which I managed to do. I realize that marketing myself is my weak point. I have cards with me, but I don't think to get them out before I start to paint and I have to dig for them. Once I start to paint, none of that is even in my consciousness. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
P.S. I have decided after looking at this painting for another week, that it needs some work. It is not just that it didn't photograph well, but it has other issues as well.

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Travelingrant said...

Hah, that must be where I get it. I hate marketing myself. You could put your cards in a shirt pocket, at the ready when somebody stops by.