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Friday, March 20, 2009

Grand Lake Regatta, take One

Here is the painting I started last weekend to use for my March Local Tone painting for Kevin’s Saturday class. It is just roughed in at this point as I tried to lay out the values (light, medium and dark.) I want the whole background of trees and shoreline to read as the dark value as well as the boat. The water in front is the middle value as well as where the sails (jibs, etc) overlap. The light values would be the water towards shore and the sails in the light. Now the sails in the light are reading bit darker than the water so I will darken the water a bit more. But that is where I am going. To keep the value but change the temperature. I put the painting in grayscale to be sure I have things where I want them to be. It is close. The reflection of the boat in the water is still too light.

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