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Monday, March 16, 2009

Values on my Mind

I can tell the color charts are invading my space as the past three days the first thought I had upon awakening was on VALUES and how I was or was not implementing them in the painting I had last worked on. I haven't posted most of these paintings of the past few weeks as they are all in various states of being redone. To the left is one I had painted a year or so ago out in Aurora at the Gully Homestead; I do not have a photo of it before I reworked it; this is a silhouette more than a local tone, although I used the local tone three value approach. The part I struggled with on this study is the grass patch in the left lower corner. I am not finished with it, but I needed to give it a rest. It is still not reading as one big shape broken up with color temperature change not value change. Taking photos really helps me to see that I am not where I thought I was...

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