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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hollyhocks or Jeff's Fence

This past weekend I was able to complete the painting of what I call “Jeff’s Fence.” He is our neighbor across the alley that kindly let me throw hollyhock seeds in the narrow strip between his fence and the alley pavement. A few years ago, I had painted a couple of studies out in the hot afternoon sun and then had painted the original in the studio. I had planned on taking it outside once the new crop for the year was up and re-painting it outside, but then realized it would be a whole new scene after 3 years. Plus, the painting just called to me to start on it when I did. So, here it is. This is 2 feet by 4 feet, Linen canvas on board. My family all said the same thing, individually, “I liked it before, but now it has so much more depth.” That is what doing the color/value charts helped me see so much more clearly. I have struggled getting a good photo of it but I am tired of trying right now. Even this photo is a bit washed out in the middle. I have a book on photoshop and the steps to fix a photo like this. Just have to find the time to make that a priority. I am still not 100% okay with the shadows on the left hand side hollyhocks. The shadows seem too carved out.

re: comments. I reshot this painting today and the new one is on the left. It seems a bit richer in color.

Yesterday (Friday May 15) I painted a beautiful flush bleeding heart plant in the backyard. I ended up wiping it off after 2 hours as I realized the blossoms were too large in proportion to the plant. It just seemed easier to start over, which I did not do. I plan to paint at the Denver Botanic Gardens this afternoon.


Jim said...

Hint: Move painting further away from light source and re-aim the lights. (two, I hope, because of the painting size) This should balance the apearance of the painting in the photograph. You may have to adjust the camera exposure a bit. If this works, it will be less time spent than learning and working Photo Shop. (10 minutes vs 60 minutes) Good luck. Jim

victoriasart said...

I moved my easel again, and readjusted the lights again (you know how much I dislike touching the lights) and I borrowed Grant's camera, which has a bigger lens. I don't think I can add a photo to the comment, so I will post the new photo next to the old photo to see how it looks. Thanks for your suggestions.

Jim said...

Now you have a beautiful painting and a beatuiful photograph.