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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Saturday in Review

November's assignment was to do a gray harmony, explained in a prior post, but the gist is you have a "mother" color that is a neutral gray color and mix some of this into every color you put on the painting. This painting was successful in that, but the one thing Kevin did say to do was to clarify the darks and don't confuse the surface with breaking it up so much. My "mother" color was a mid-value gray, so my darks didn't stay dark when I added the gray. I brought it home and did the quick fix-its (above).

My pumpkin painting also needed some tweeking, although, again, I got the gray harmony part right. What I failed to do in this one was to have a clear light source. My shadow shape needed to be stronger and united with the shadow side of the pumpkin. I may have made my pumpkin too orange in the rework (below) since I grayed the background and bottle so much more.

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