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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Harvard Gulch Alley in Winter

after looking at this painting all week I saw a few things I wanted to do to it this weekend. First, I took Cynthia's advice and took the bright yellow numbers on the pole down to a more muted color; then I had this plan to make a "fan" out of the darks of the trees, flowing from the evergreen in the back, coming from the left, to the trees down the center of the alley. Again, unifying and simplifying as I went. I felt the lights were too light and distracting from my main focus, which is the ice melt down the center. I also darkened the sky a value or so and added more interest to the background trees on the right carving out another garage roof in the back distance. And when I put in the darker sky, I also finished up the power lines I wanted in there. Just enough to not be overwhelming but to add interest. I think it is pretty much completed; for now anyway.

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