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Saturday, March 27, 2010

More thoughts on less is more

This morning I came across a blog post via Facebook; The author of the post wrote the book "I'd rather be in the studio." She echoed what Scott Christensen said last week about not putting just any and everything you paint out there, except she went a step further in saying, destroy those works you don't want your kids to have do deal with if you were to die suddenly. I have destroyed many paintings over the years, but some I am glad I saved. They have given me a vast playground on which to experiment without fear of "ruining anything." Luckily, I painted rather thin so it isn't a problem painting over them. With that thought, here is a painting that I was going to destroy from 2001, but decided to paint over. I found it when I did the deep dig in my basement a few weeks ago. My graphic tendancies really show up in my early work. I did not have access to the red pear this time of year, so I went with a red delicious. I added the plate and napkin, which is not yet complete. This is what I did when we got a half day off from work due to Wednesday's snow storm. I think my reflections are a bit too strong and the bartlett pear doesn't look like it should be upright (it didn't WANT to be upright, either) but it is a good study.

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