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Sunday, July 4, 2010

God Bless America on Her Birthday

Today I worked a few hours for the Plein Air Artists of Colorado (PAAC) Juried Show at Saks Gallery during the Cherry Creek Arts Festival. Some of us worked inside while One of Us, painted outside. This is Mark Coulter, a founding member of PAAC, doing a still life set up he had outside and talking to an interested passerby. I am glad I volunteered, as I always learn something of value, plus, I was able to study the show more closely. Every time I went through the gallery again, I saw something different. There really is some excellent work hanging in this show. One thing I learned: that the people coming in from the Cherry Creek Arts Festival said that our show was better than anything they saw outside and the art was so much more reasonably priced. I do believe there have been a number of sales because of that fact. (none of mine, I am sorry to say).  Another thing I learned is that the new "trend" in art coming out of NYC is that realism is back. Good thing for me, I would say. I heard it from two artists so I will be watching to see.
Yesterday, I finally went outside to paint another alley, surprise, surprise. (I apologize for the glare coming of the wet paint) This view is across the alley from our garage, standing in the shade of our neighbors trees, looking south. I honestly did not think I would like summer in the alleys as there is so much green, but I managed to find what I needed right outside my back door. Lots of green to be sure, but enough other colors to offset it. I also was able to camouflage the dumpster, as I was told, in no uncertain terms last week at work, that my Alley in Spring was a painting that my friend really wanted to like but she just could not get past the dumpster and why did I have to put it in "right there!" That is a story for another post, as there is a story behind the alley paintings of Denver, which has nothing to do with Alleys. I started a larger painting of this scene today in my studio. Decided it was good to go. I don't know why I am surprised that when I do a plein air painting and then take it back to the studio, the studio painting just goes so much smoother. It is such a no-brainer. This piece is 11 x 14 inches and was completed (including set up and take down in under 2 hours.) I felt I had been out there much longer as it was so hot outside.


Jeanne Echternach said...

I love your alleyways, dumpsters and all. There's so much variety and character there, you certainly won't run out of material.

Lately I have been looking more and more for more substance in my paintings. Artists cannot live by trees alone! I am craving structure. I'm finding plenty of new material now, and appreciate your new paintings all the more.

victoriasart said...

Jeanne, thanks. The artists who have seen this painting don't mind the dumpster but the rest of the world I think is embodied by what Linda expressed. I am not going to remove the dumpsters, but I am going to keep her comment in mind. Like I did for this painting. Keeps me on my toes and looking from different perspectives. It is all good.

I also love to paint trees, especially in winter and spring when there structure is more pronouced - but they are most everywhere so you can add structure and keep trees!

victoriasart said...

Pronounced!. Forgot the second "n."

Aloha Sistah said...

Wow! There is a lot of green this summer. Are the hollyhocks really that big already?